Wild Flowers of Flanders

The Town Centre Partnership in 2014 requested that the Floral St. Peter Port Committee might organise a floral display on Loafers Wall to remember the 100 years since the start of the 1914 World War.  Loafers Wall was chosen at it was constructed in 1914 and has a significant location in town.  The parish committee agreed straight away to putting wild flowers of Flanders as a sombre reflection of what actually took place 100 years ago.

Nigel Clarke's Green Legacy Guernsey and Linda Laxton of British Wild Flower Plants have agreed to sponsor, maintain and replace plants as necessary for four years which was the duration of the War.  In the trenches as casualties occurred, replacement soldiers were found, so to, as plants fil, they will be replaced to maintain this display.

In 2018, each parish will be given surviving wild flowers from each wrought iron manger to plant within their parish so that they can continue to reflect on the great sacrifices by the fallen of the First World War.  Seeds sown which are taken from plants each year over four years represent new life, hope and the fallen finally coming home.

The war was not beautiful but muddy and bloody, summer and winter relentlessly producing mass human carnage.  Like the simplicity of the Poppy for Remembrance, the Flowers of Flanders for years to come will be a reminder for a moment of quiet reflection.

Symbolic meaning of the Wild Flowers of Flanders;-

Wild Flowers of Flanders represent the fallen.  Wrought iron mangers the trenches.  Seeds sown, new life, hope and the fallen finally coming home.

Please contact Nigel Clarke on 07781 1103486 if you require further information.