Green Legacy Guernsey would like to thank Jamie-Lee Loughlin for allowing us to use his YouTube video of the Bumble Bee.


Green Legacy Guernsey are delighted to use the wonderful new wildlife area at the GSPCA for the launch of the 'Save The Guernsey Bumblebee Campaign' in early May 2017. We intend to use allergy friendly plants to ensure that those who have pollen allergies can also enjoy visiting this special place. Green Legacy Guernsey will, this autumn, have a selection of plants which will help save the Guernsey Bumble Bees. They will be available for free to Parish Floral organisations who would like to copy the template used in the new wildlife area at the GSPCA. An application form for plants will be sent out late summer.

The photograph below shows a visit from several Moss Carder Bees (Bombus muscorum) to the plants at Queux Plant Centre recently. Nigel Clarke managed to photograph them and was very surprised at how orange these creatures were.


Green Legacy Guernsey welcomed Wheelchairography Guernsey to a workshop on 28th July 2017.  The group planted up a hanging basket which they were able to take home and a question and answer session followed.  This social event proved to be fun and thoroughly enjoyable for all.

Wheelchairography Guernsey -  Planting Hanging Baskets

Members of Wheelchairography At The Workshop


Green Legacy Guernsey would like to congratulate Ann Wragg and St. Andrews Floral Group on the opening of the GSPCA'a Poison Garden in June 2017. It was opened by Ginny Heaume, whose dogs died from eating poisonous plants, to raise awareness among pet owners of potential dangers.

Green Legacy Guernsey supplied native plants for the majority of planting at the GSPCA.